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Re: [FOT] Reply to Ted Schumacher- RE: Performance Racing

Subject: Re: [FOT] Reply to Ted Schumacher- RE: Performance Racing
From: Bill Babcock <>
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 14:24:05 -1000
Oh, oh, hackles have been raised. Ted has an honest point though. Big  
trade shows are make it or break it for a lot of companies (though  
that's becoming less true with pervaisive and easy communicatiion),  
and the typical schedule for meetings at a trade show is optimistic  
as best. I've been in Ted's position, where enthusiastic amatuers  
flooded certain booths and made it impossible to do any serious  
business with the people who were there to do just that. Common sense  
is called for--if you're browsing, be always ready and willing to  
stand aside for someone trying to transact business. It's why these  
trade shows try to be selective (and always fail).

the nice guys are the ones who suffer--the people who take the time  
to answer all your questions because you were there first even though  
they know a journalist or an important buyer is waiting to speak to  
them. When the VIP runs out of time or gets frustrated, they move on,  
and the nice guy is the loser because his product doesn't get  
coverage or he's not considered for an order. the assholes who blow  
you off as soon as someone more interesting comes by are the ones  
that do fine.

On Nov 19, 2006, at 1:33 PM, wrote:

> Ted Schumacher,
> Since you addressed me specifically, I wish to reply.
> There are several of us that DO what we do in racing, for a living.
> If it wasnt for our businesses (that we work very hard at) we would  
> not be
> unable to participate in this expensive sport.
> Additionally, we also provide products and services that have  
> elevated the
> value of the sport, in terms of performance and safety for our  
> customers. The
> value is supreme to us, also, for the friendships and camaraderie  
> that we
> receive in return.
> I am planning to release a significant product in 2007. I dont plan  
> to make
> any money at this particular venture, but it is my passion & it is  
> my 'living'.
> However, part of my mission at PRI is to meet with various folks,  
> including
> media folks that will be covering the story.
> Finally, I am also attending PRI as a Manufacturer's  
> Representative.  One
> large company I represent is able to provide low cost high quality  
> products that
> can be produced in low volumes to the benefit of all forms of  
> racing.  I
> expect to be very busy while there.
> I wish you well at the show.
> Respectfully,
> Joe Alexander
> British Motor Trade Association
>> Joe and all getting itno PRI Trade Show.  .Please remember the
>> manufacturer's are there to sell products to dealers and shops.   
>> This is their big event.
>> I was speaking with a friend of mine a couple weeks ago about  
>> PRI.  He
>> reminded me of the time he received a major, read this really big $ 
>> $$ contract,
>> from a car maker to run a race program.  He spent $1 million  
>> dollars in 3 days
>> at PRI.  On several occasions he had to wait to speak with a  
>> supplier because
>> someone with passes was buying 4 cams. 1 for himself and 3 for his  
>> buddies
>> (or a similar situation).  .20 appointments over the three days  
>> with some
>> starting on Wednesday before the show opens are on my schedule.   
>> Granted, I won't
>> spend $1M but will make a major dent in 10% of that.  Point is,  
>> please have
>> courtesy and respect for those who are doing this for a living, both
>> suppliers and buyers.  Ted..
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