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Re: [FOT] Happy Thanksgiving, Bruce's trade

To: Bill Babcock <>
Subject: Re: [FOT] Happy Thanksgiving, Bruce's trade
From: "R. John Lye" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 09:24:14 -0500
At 08:54 PM 11/22/2006 -1000, Bill Babcock wrote:
>I don't know what on earth you guys are thinking about. the cost of
>acquisitiion of wives is trivial--like inkjet printers. It's the
>maintenance and disposal costs that are prohibitive. take it from me--
>been there done that. Before my most recent marriage my best friend
>said "billy, why don't you just find some woman you can't get along
>with and buy her a house?"  fortunately it turned out a lot better
>than that.

That's one of the funniest quotes I've seen in a while!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,

R. John Lye

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