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[FOT] parts needed

Subject: [FOT] parts needed
From: <>
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 09:38:49 -0700
For those of you who followed my slightly up/down year racing.  During the last 
race at St. Louis the car took a few pretty bad hits which has led to some 
significant repairs needing to be done over the winter.

I've finally got to where I'm getting the car ready to send to paint. But I 
found some more broken parts during the final disassembly.

I need:
- 2 headlight tim rings for a 1500 (aluminium body coloured piece that bolts to 
the bonnet)
- right hand chrome trim piece (the piece that curves up where the back and 
fender weld together)

I'm assuming the headlight rings broke when the one car "drove over" the bonnet 
and the rear piece flew off when the right rear got smacked by the SRF.

Now to figure out what colour to paint the car!


Aaron Johnson
#87 HP Spitfire 1500
Southern Illinois Region SCCA

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