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Subject: [Fot] Fwd: MG jokes 101
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 23:32:51 EDT
Kev Lynch

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- - A blonde pushes her MG into a gas station and tells the mechanic, "It just 
quit on me!"  He tells her to open the bonnet and then unscrews the float cover 
and sees that it is filled with silt.

- - The blond asks, "What's the story?"
" Oh, Just crap in the carburetor," he replies.
"And how often do I have to do that?" she asks.
- - Q.      What do you call the shock absorbers inside an MG?
    A.      Passengers.
- - Two guys in an MG were arrested last night in 
    London following a push-by shooting incident.
- - The new MG has an airbag. so when you sense 
    an impending accident, start pumping real fast.
- - A friend went to a dealer the other day and said, 
   "I'd like a petrol cap for my MG." The dealer 
   replied, "Okay. Sounds like a fair trade."
submitted by John Voelcker

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