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As a result of our exhaustive, ongoing research into the poignant story
of Martha McDougal and her exploits at Standard-Triumph, it has come to
light that the rumor of Sir John Black being the butt of her little "fat
bastard" joke must certainly have been in error.  In fact, Sir John was
always in top physical shape and would never have been considered to be
fat.  Also, he happened to have died many years before Martha retired.
We are digging deeper into the records to find out just who the
mysterious "fat bastard" was and who actually presided over her
retirement ceremony.  Hopefully we will be able to shed some light on
that at the 2nd Annual F.A.T.B.A.S.T.A.R.D. Golden Tennis Shoe awards
presentation in April at VIR.  Don

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Subject: [Fot] Mark Your Calendar - 2nd Annual F.A.T.B.A.S.T.A.R.D.

On April 18th through the 20th, Virginia International Raceway will host
Vintage Drivers Club of America Wild Hare Run.  As part of this great
of racing, with ample track time, the Triumph  Ghetto will again sponsor
Triumph-only event-within-an-event.  During Friday afternoon's Wild Hare
Triumphs will compete for the Martha  McDougal Trophy, to be presented
by our 
2007 Champion - Dennis  DeLap.
You are all invited to vie for coveted trophy and enjoy the hospitality
the TR Ghetto at Friday evening's Soon-To-Be-Famous Fish and  Lobster
Fry - 
provided by the ghetto's newest member, Rob Deanes! Mark your  calendar,
and be 
prepared to enjoy a fantastic weekend racing on one of the  world's most

beautiful and challenging tracks.
Leo Oddi, Don Marshall, Dean Tetterton & Rob Deanes
In case you have forgotten, this is why we honor Dear Martha
researched by Don Marshall)
This  Trophy honors Ms. Martha McDougal, a woman who toiled in almost
total  obscurity for many years at the Triumph automobile plant  in
Coventry,  England.   According to sources believed to be reliable,
was born in  Coventry  in January, 1923. Her parents were tragically
killed in the Blitz and  Martha was left an orphan at age 16. Although
she was not overly bright,  she was very resourceful and within months
had gotten a job at the Standard  Triumph factory emptying the dust
Throughout the war and until the  demise of the company, Martha made the
rounds, day after day, month after  month, year after year, transferring
the trash into her cart and then into  the large bins behind the
without complaint or even one day's  absence. 

Over the years Martha became known as the single person who  had
completed the most "laps" of the Triumph factory and, upon  her
retirement a few months before the final closing of the  Coventry
she was honored with a bronzed pair of high top Keds, her  signature
footwear.  It is rumored that at the presentation, Sir John  himself
reminisced about how Martha, who had an endearing habit of  assigning
nicknames to all the staff, would push past him in the hallway  and
mumble, "Get out of my way you fat  bastard".

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