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Re: [Fot] Prescott Hill Climb UK May 2008

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Subject: Re: [Fot] Prescott Hill Climb UK May 2008
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Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 12:47:29 +0100
Congrats to Standard-Triumph Forum in organising the event. Didn't go to 
Brooklands myself in the 
two or three (?) preceding years, so I guess anything is a compromise. At 
Prescott, they managed to 
stage a sort of static car show, though the hill climb obviously dominated. 
Isn't that mostly why we 
own these cars? Also, the use of the nearby steam railway the previous day as a 
road run and 
barbeque location was a good use of local resources. However, having seen many 
Standard-Triumph days 
myself - and all of them at Gaydon where there was no driving available, I was 
disappointed to see 
so few cars, in relative terms. I think everyone who turned up 'had several 
go's at the hill' but 
what saddened me was the absence of those who didn't want to drive but were 
happy to drive their 
cars to the event, exhibit them and meet their friends. As a result, there were 
lots of cars and 
people I failed to see.

 For that reason, Prescott was very disappointing for me and many Standard and 
Triumph cars (other 
than two seaters) were sadly conspicuous by their absence. I was there with the 
Trans-AmeriCa Charity Drive Spitfire Raffle Prize which raised over US$500 in 
ticket sales on the 
Sunday - and thanks, Don for buying one. Others on FoT can see pix of the car 
in question at  I'll be at next year's event but I DO 
hope we get a better 
turnout of the *complete* model range as a whole and not see it dominated by 
two seaters. After all, 
they only accounted for about 25% of total output in the post 1946 years. Thank 
goodness The 
Standard Motor Club was there with some truly stunning examples of cars built 
between 1924 and 1938.


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> Last weekend was the hillclimb.  On page 6 of the photos, there's a nice 
>Peerless.  Might be Nigel 
> Cluey.
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