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Re: [Fot] aluminum radiators again

Subject: Re: [Fot] aluminum radiators again
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2008 09:20:23 -0400
There are many many variables in radiator design. Dimensions, crossflow 
vs vertical tube, core thickness, number of tubes, tube size, staggered 
vs in-line tubes, fin design, fin count...
It's a lot more than just aluminum vs copper/brass.
Air flow is just as important as the core (heat exchanger).
runnin' cool in florida

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Subject: Re: [Fot] aluminum radiators again

On the under the FAQ section is an explanation as 
why aluminum radiators cool better than copper ones.  Granted, these 
sell aluminum radiators, but the answer seems to make some sense. FWIW.

1961 TR4 #317
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Subject: Re: [Fot] aluminum radiators again

> Jack,
> A very interesting topic indeed! As I understand it there is only a
> marginal
> difference between the thermal efficiency/heat transfer of Copper over
> Aluminum materials. If it's weight saving we are talking about, then 
> Aluminum. I am wondering whether those members seeing good cooling
> temperature reductions/stability with the Aluminum Radiator Cores, are
> seeing this occur due to the internal design of the radiator? Are the
> 'new'
> Aluminum radiators cooling the water more efficiently as a direct 
> of
> 'passing' the coolant through the core more times? That is, are the
> radiators single, double or triple pass?
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> Good to hear from Jeff and Mike that they make standard size 
> work.
> A cautionary note, though -- if you want to get an aluminum replica
> of a stock radiator, be sure to get one that some other racer has
> used and found successful. I've installed a couple of them for guys
> who had already purchased them, and they were sorely disappointed in
> the small improvement, if any, that it made. Apparently there is a
> difference between various suppliers.
> uncle jack
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