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Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 11:46:27 -0400
I didn't originally like TR7s and 8s myself. I had MGBs forever and wanted a
V8. Couldn't bring myself to hack two cars to make one, so I bought a TR8.
After that I slowly got rid of my 5 MGBs, yes I have had the multiple car
disorder for a long time too.

Now I find the Bs are too small inside as with most TRs. Mostly though,
nothing compares to the sound of the V8. I have even got to the point that I
like the styling of the TR7s and 8 above the round cars ( TR3, MGB) and the
square ones (TR4, TR6)...never did like the look of the squat rear end of
the small TRs. But then that's just me, to each his own.

The jabs are not taken seriously, more like friendly ribbing.


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    Since I was the one who nominated you for FOT, I want to extend my
deepest apologies for the recent disparaging FOT blogging about your beloved

    Please take solace in the fact that Bob Tullius, the greatest Triumph
driver of all time, has stated that the TR7/8 was his favorite Triumph
racecar. Not to mention that Triumph greatest success in SCCA rally came
with John Buffum in the TR7/8.

    The reality of this whole situation is that when these TR7 bloggers
drive past store front glass in their TR3s, the reflection they visualize
that they are still in their late 20s on the way to lover leap. That same
visualization would simply be near impossible in a car that was 20 years


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