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Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 11:18:31 -0500
Did the offy intake and 4bbl number on a customer's car
a few years ago and my oh my what a huge difference.
I know there alot of things one can do to improve the
brakes and handling, but just the little bit of  parts
swap on top of the motor did  wonders.  There is
a neat Wedgie in the area into which a 3.8 camaro
motor and 5 speed was installed.  guy got the shell
from Ted S and turned it into a really nice looking
and driving car.  I drove it a few months ago and it
was at least as strong as the TR8. owner claims about
30 mpg on trips.  he used all the GM injection and ignition
bits.  My only real complaint against wedgies is the
lack of space behind the seats.  Where the hell is the
wife gonna ride when she goes with me and the dog.

art de armond
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>> I think TR7's  should be called "Wedgies" and TR8's "Nuclear Wedgies"
> Good idea!  Appropriate.  Reminds me of the TVR issue, but a far better 
> word
> picture than TVR and Griffen.
> I had a Buick Skylark convertible with that aluminum V8 engine that went 
> into
> the TR8.  It was my wife Shirley's car.  That's a GREAT engine.
> Bill Dentinger
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