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[Fot] GT6... EP or DP ... or both.

Subject: [Fot] GT6... EP or DP ... or both.
From: <>
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 20:49:49 -0700
Well,,,   the GT6 was EP and DP, depending on which year it was configured to. 

Is that it?

Was any other Triumph, in any configuration classified in more than one group?

So my really smart guy with CVAR is right, and so am I...

I think the DP could have been related to 3 Webers in some sanctioning bodies.

I think my 1970 GT6+ could still be EP in some sactioning bodies albeit the 
1.75 SU's versus the 1.50 Strombergs. Go figure...

I'm still peddling softly, so, I frankly don't care which production group I 
may be placed in. Everyone tells me the GT6 was running fast in both groups. I 
just love the GT6, period. I'm just happy to be out there, running. I really 
don't care if I start in last and finish in last. Just as long as the baby gets 
back on the trailer, the way it got off. 

You gotta admit, the GT6 is one of the most beautiful Mitcholiti (sp) designs. 

I counted last year, this GT6 is my 19th GT6, including the first GT6 I bought 
when I was 19 years old. This includes all my cars I owned that were donors or 
parts cars. I've had one  MKI parts car, and two MKIII drivers , all the other 
have been GT6+ 's or MKII's. I've had some nice MKII's , even built a really 
nice one from ground up with 2 donors. This GT6 I have now, is by far the 
nicest I've ever experienced in any form, thanks to Bob Davis, the builder.
I've been honored to be the keeper, custodian, and the owner and driver of the 
little GT6 I have now...

I have to say, I'm really honored to be in the FoT group where even a newbie 
can strike up a really compelling string with all of you really cool guys who 
also share, with little variation, only seperated by dollars and years, the 
same love for our beloved Triumphs.

So. Sincere thank yous to the group, most of all Kas! What an honor the FoT 
gives to all of us, including me, a newbie at 53 years old!

Still wish I was going to the Glen!!!!    

Bobby Whitehead #54 Yellow Group 2 1970GT6+ EP

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