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Re: [Fot] GT6... EP or DP ... or both.

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Subject: Re: [Fot] GT6... EP or DP ... or both.
From: Andre Rousseau <>
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2008 07:34:02 -0400
19! Wow.

And I know what your talking about. There are tons of other cars I'd  
love to own, yet I simply can't part with my little GT6.
Its part of me.

I just hope when I'm older I can still get in and out of the car.



On 25-Jul-08, at 11:49 PM, <> < 
 > wrote:

> I counted last year, this GT6 is my 19th GT6, including the first  
> GT6 I bought when I was 19 years old. This includes all my cars I  
> owned that were donors or parts cars. I've had one MKI parts car,  
> and two MKIII drivers , all the other have been GT6+ 's or MKII's.  
> I've had some nice MKII's , even built a really nice one from ground  
> up with 2 donors. This GT6 I have now, is by far the nicest I've  
> ever experienced in any form, thanks to Bob Davis, the builder.
> I've been honored to be the keeper, custodian, and the owner and  
> driver of the little GT6 I have now...

Andre Rousseau -
'68 Triumph GT6 MK1 -
Ottawa, ON, Canada

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