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Re: [Fot] Cold Air "Boxes" - Historical Question

Subject: Re: [Fot] Cold Air "Boxes" - Historical Question
From: greg <>
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 21:39:13 -0700
I went through my SCCA vintage GCR and found the following for Production:

   "1967 1.2 Authorized Modifications
    Any alteration to the carburetors (or fuel injection) except 
changing the number, model, type, or size of the standard equipment, 
and, except that extensions or addition of material to the exterior of 
the carburetor body is prohibited. Velocity stacks (intake air horns) 
may be used provided no modifications are made to the body or the frame 
work of the car to accommodate their use."
  "D.1.2.B.4 The cooling of brakes by ventilation of backing plates or 
fitting of air ducts, provided no changes are made in the bodywork above 
a plane passing through the wheel hubs."

     Engine air ducting is not mentioned specifically.

In the 1972 GCR it read as follows:

"2.2 Authorized Modifications
    Glass and/or plastic, headlight, front parking light, front signal 
light, lenses and bulbs must be removed. Then resulting openings may be 
used for ducting of air to the engine, front brakes and /or oil coolers."

   Cold air boxes were used in the Trans Am from 1967 as a through the 
firewall cold air intake was a Z282 option with the cold air box 
supplied loose in the trunk for the Z28.
   A cold air box also allows for more convenient air filter 
installation. Running an air filter will save valve seats. We switched 
to K&N back in 1982 and the time between valve jobs was quadrupled. The 
chassis dyno showed no hp loss with the filters.

Greg Lund wrote:
> I am not sure that I am using the correct technical term for this item. What 
> I am referring to is the modification and/or replacement so that cooler air 
> from outside the engine compartment is being provided through the air intake 
> system.  
>         Does anyone know the approximate date as to when this modification 
> would have been addressed in SCCA regulations for DP and EP classed cars? The 
> Group 44 TR7 does not have an cold air box, however the Huffaker TR7 (ex-Lee 
> Mueller) has one. Would this modification been allowed at the 1976 runoffs in 
> which both car competed against each other ?
>     I do recall ever seeing this cold box setup on pre 1972 production 
> vintage racecars. Just wondering when this happened so that when the current 
> "vintage racers" are reclassifed into "ancient race cars", and TR7 become 
> race cars, that we know when this happened. :)
> Cary
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