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Re: [Fot] Standard connections

Subject: Re: [Fot] Standard connections
From: TeriAnn Wakeman <>
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2008 08:17:30 -0700
If you re dealing with the Range Rover you are dealing with an engine 
evolved from a GM design & tooling.  If you include the Buick aluminum  
V8 derivatives you  have to include scads of vehicles like the TR8, 
MGBGT V8 and  Morgan +8

But one should never forget the Daimler Dart nor the Sunbeam Tiger.

Teriann wrote:
> ...and the TVR cars
> -----Original Message-----
> Don't forget the Griffith Jensen Interceptor and Allard either... or 
> Range Rover
> Greg Petrolati Champaign, Illinois       
> &gt; From:
> &gt;
> &gt; American car with British engine - Nash Healey
> &gt;
> &gt; British Car with American engine - Shelby Cobra


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