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Re: [Fot] Quick ratio steering box for a TR6

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Subject: Re: [Fot] Quick ratio steering box for a TR6
From: "Steven Preiss" <>
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2008 11:26:08 +1100
I am somewhat puzzled. My TR3 with worm and pivot box responds quickly and
predictably to minimal inputs from the standard 16+ inch wheel in fast-
road/ track like turns. This using 165R15 radials, slightly lowered springs,
modern gas shocks and a vintage TR4 front anti sway bar. It also tracks just
fine in a stright line. (Though I do experience cowl shake between 55 and 65
mph, it disappears at 70.) Its hard for me to imagine how a much quicker
steering response would improve handling, as cornering does require a firm,
mindful grip. However I am finding  that throttle input has as much if not
more effect on turn in and grip as steering.
Steve P.
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Subject: Re: [Fot] Quick ratio steering box for a TR6

> Hi,
> On the quick rack... DO IT.
> I put this off for a long time with my car and now that I have it I can't
> believe that I waited this long.
> When your car is set up properly, you need very little steering input to
> get the car to turn. That's a good thing. The car shouldn't be "twitchy"
> because of the steering rack. If the car is twitchy, you probably ahve a
> wierd alignment issue. To be honest, straight line driving between corners
> should be pretty boring (compared to constant transitions in autox).
> I've also had a chance to drive several pretty kool autox cars this year
> (while my TR6 was broken), and I learned a TONNE about using too much
> steering input! The 100cc karts are awesome for this... so are properly
> set up Formula Fords - but I digress.
> Bottom line - get the quickrack, it's a great upgrade. If your car is
> twitchy, make sure the car is tracking straight and you don't have too
> much toe (front or back) and that you have equal caster on both sides and
> the car will drive itself on the straight stuff.
> rml
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