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[Fot] GT6 gear ratios

Subject: [Fot] GT6 gear ratios
From: Bobby Whitehead <>
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2008 15:35:28 -0400
Well SHORT weekend at Texas World Speedway with CVAR. Friday was test and tune 
day, I'd paid for the weekend... should have learned my lesson by now...
With the lovely T50 having a 5th gear, on the LONG straight I was shifting into 
5th at the start finish line which carried me well into turn 1A... lots of top 
Now with the GT6 4 speed gearbox and my 3.89 locked diff, I'm redlining (6000 
rpm) AT the start finish line and just taking my foot out of it.
Bob Kramer says build the car for TWS... I'm just wondering if I should go back 
to a 3.27 differential. I feel like I have plenty of horsepower, as I'm running 
3rd and 4th gear the whole way around...
If I'm not running terribly hard should I run without a locked diff?  Can the 
welding of a locked diff be done with the gears in place or should I remove 
Or, should I go back to Quantum and go through the expense of an overdrive GT6 
tranny and leave the 3.89?

One more question.. I have 175 SU's on the GT... at about 4000 rpm it's leaning 
out, like hanging there, if I let off the gas a bit it will catch up.
The carbs were built by Joe Curto with these specs... 
HS 1 3/4 
metering RF
Float level 3/16
Idle screw 1 turn In
Mixture Nut 1 1/2 turns out
Jet 1oo
I emailed Joe once asking if I could purchase some needles that would let the 
car run a little richer, I think that is what I need but don't know for sure...
Probably the wrong weekend for a query, but I know all of us aren't at the 
Glen, although I got a really nice tee shirt from the event!

Kindest regards,
Bobby Whitehead
#53 CVAR Triumph GT6+

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