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Re: [Fot] GT6 gear ratios

To: Bobby Whitehead <>,
Subject: Re: [Fot] GT6 gear ratios
From: Tony Drews <>
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2008 23:05:07 -0500
On the carb question, in a TR-4 with the HS-6's, we ended up with a 
.104 jet (drilled out), and RB or RC needles.  Those are the richest 
needles, and we drilled out the jet on top of it.  I think in the end 
we had custom needles that were like the RB at low end and the RC at high end.

Dunno how that transfers to the GT-6, tho.

- Tony D

At 02:35 PM 9/7/2008, Bobby Whitehead wrote:
>Well SHORT weekend at Texas World Speedway with CVAR. Friday was 
>test and tune day, I'd paid for the weekend... should have learned 
>my lesson by now...
>With the lovely T50 having a 5th gear, on the LONG straight I was 
>shifting into 5th at the start finish line which carried me well 
>into turn 1A... lots of top end...
>Now with the GT6 4 speed gearbox and my 3.89 locked diff, I'm 
>redlining (6000 rpm) AT the start finish line and just taking my 
>foot out of it.
>Bob Kramer says build the car for TWS... I'm just wondering if I 
>should go back to a 3.27 differential. I feel like I have plenty of 
>horsepower, as I'm running 3rd and 4th gear the whole way around...
>If I'm not running terribly hard should I run without a locked 
>diff?  Can the welding of a locked diff be done with the gears in 
>place or should I remove them?
>Or, should I go back to Quantum and go through the expense of an 
>overdrive GT6 tranny and leave the 3.89?
>One more question.. I have 175 SU's on the GT... at about 4000 rpm 
>it's leaning out, like hanging there, if I let off the gas a bit it 
>will catch up.
>The carbs were built by Joe Curto with these specs...
>HS 1 3/4
>metering RF
>Float level 3/16
>Idle screw 1 turn In
>Mixture Nut 1 1/2 turns out
>Jet 1oo
>I emailed Joe once asking if I could purchase some needles that 
>would let the car run a little richer, I think that is what I need 
>but don't know for sure...
>Probably the wrong weekend for a query, but I know all of us aren't 
>at the Glen, although I got a really nice tee shirt from the event!
>Kindest regards,
>Bobby Whitehead
>#53 CVAR Triumph GT6+
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