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[Fot] Our weekend at the Glen

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Subject: [Fot] Our weekend at the Glen
From: "Henry Frye" <>
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2008 11:38:21 -0400
We came, we raced, we marked our territory with our racecars. Some more
than others.

We hung out with TS 1 LO, parked under the tent with the beer. What were
they thinking. Anything could have happened. Nothing happened... I

We shared some special moments remembering uncle jack.

Many of us were able to put faces with familiar names. Before I just
knew the names. Now I have faces in my brain so I will forget all your
names. Sorry, that's just how it works.

My car rose to the occasion. First, somehow it became the poster child
for the event, landing on the front page of the local daily newspaper on

Then it drove into the paddock hemorrhaging oil from every orifice after
the All Triumph Race, but I achieved a few lofty personal goals in the

Then on the start of the Group 3 race my car pulled me down the inside
line to pass a bunch of guys in turn one, then I passed the start/finish
line in third overall a couple times. Running way up there in a SVRA
feature race is something I never thought I would do. Then the track got
a little slick from rain and I backed off a bit, I will never be a brave
rain driver. Too much to lose, nothing to gain. Still finished well, no
complaints there.

There was less attrition than I expected over the course of the weekend,
at least until Sunday. It was nice to spend time with our friends
sitting on chairs with a beer in hand, not under cars requesting
wrenches and sockets. 

Many big names in our sport were there, both past and present, and
getting face time with them was a real treat. 

Congrats to Tony Garmey on winning the Kastner Cup. This was the third
time I have seen the TR250K on track, it was always fast. This weekend
it was amazing. During Kas' presentation of the cup, he said he has not
seen the car go as fast since he ran it at Sebring in '68. He then
issued a manufacturers recall notice, but I think Tony is going to take
his chances!

Congrats to Larry Young for the Bill Ames Award, well deserved. 

The Western PA Triumph gang was there in force, as was a big contingent
of New England Triumph folks. Bob Lang brought Khartu, his TR6
autocrosser for the folks to enjoy. Dave Hutchinson drove his pristine
Italia. If I continue to try to mention all the special cars that came
out to support the event I would miss several, I don't want to do that.

Many thanks to Jack Woehrle and the rest of SVRA for treating us Triumph
folks better than we deserved. Jack was never too far from the Triumph
ghetto, and made sure we got what we needed.

So, it was a great weekend, sorry if you missed it... Where to next

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