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Subject: Re: [Fot] Nomination
From: "Craig" <>
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2008 11:31:57 -0400
I'll second that

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Subject: [Fot] Nomination

>I would like to nominate Tim Hutchisen for membership to the FOT. Tim
> was at Watkins Glen crewing for me this past weekend, many of you met
> him. I have never had a dedicated crew person at the track to help me, I
> could get used to this in a hurry!
> Tim has been deep into the Triumph scene for years, daily drives a GT6,
> last month drove his TR6 1600 miles from Maine to Price Edward Island
> and back, and has the required garage full of projects. (last I knew
> there is a Spit, a TR3 and a TR7) Tim maintains many of the LBC's in his
> area as well.
> He gets his Triumphs on an autocross course whenever possible, and
> wheels around quite well.
> We set the hook deep this weekend, we have not seen the last of Tim at
> the races.
> Do I hear a second?
> Henry Frye
> #04 TR4
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