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Re: [Fot] OT- F1 at Spa online petition

Subject: Re: [Fot] OT- F1 at Spa online petition
From: "David W. Riddle" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 09:30:22 -0700
Joe, that's just silly.  Yes, Hamilton was in front of Kimi coming 
out of the chicane.  Hamilton lifted on the front straight.  Kimi 
pulled his entire car in front of Lewis because he was going faster 
then Lewis so even if Lewis got back on the gas to accelerate he will 
still be slower than Kimi.  Lewis moved to the right to try and go up 
the inside into La Source.  Kimi moved WAY wide to the left allowing 
Lewis to easily take the corner entry.  Lewis was able to hold on to 
maintain the pass on corner exit and did not get pushed way wide.

What's faster in a race to the next street light?  A Yugo with a 
running start or a Vette sitting still?

I like Kimi too as a driver and favor Ferrari over McLaren as a team 
(although I do miss little Minardi) and it was an exciting race.  The 
stewards were wrong and Kimi only has himself to blame for throwing 
his car off track two times in the same lap with the second time 
putting it in the wall.

At 09:12 AM 9/11/2008, you wrote:
>Look at it this way, Kimi went around the chicane scrubbing off speed while
>he did.  Hamilton straight-lined it and therefore had more speed built up.
>He could lift slightly allowing the front of Kimi's car to pull ahead and
>then get right back on the throttle and pull around.  This is precisely what
>he did.


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