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Re: [Fot] OT- F1 at Spa online petition

Subject: Re: [Fot] OT- F1 at Spa online petition
From: "David W. Riddle" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 09:45:58 -0700
There is.  They have a rule that if you short cut a chicane/corner 
and gain an advantage you have to let the other car back in 
front.  Lewis did that.

One of the videos I sent early showed Shumi shortcutting that same 
chicane in 2006 in a battle with De La Rosa in the McLaren and NOT 
letting De La Rose in front.  No penalty to Shumi.

A "Tire wall" behind the kerbs would make every race a processional 
race like Monaco.

At 09:35 AM 9/11/2008, you wrote:
>Be that as it is, there needs to be something that keeps people from gaining
>advantage by running off the course.  Perhaps a tire wall behind those kerbs
>(curbs) is what is needed.


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