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[Fot] Watkins Glen - I just got home!!!

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Subject: [Fot] Watkins Glen - I just got home!!!
From: "John Macartney" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 23:43:42 +0100
I finally got home today (Thurs) after spending 48 hours in my trailer home 
trying to work out where 
I was and the time of day. Flight home to London Heathrow from Boston can best 
be described as Shake 
Rattle and Roll. Substantial turbulence most of the way and I had to wait 
*three hours* to have my 
in-flight plastic meal as cabin crew had to stay belted as well. Arrival in 
London in the early 
hours of Tuesday was just as I expected - dark, overcast and raining - as usual 
But I just want to say one BIG thank you to all you guys and lovely ladies who 
I met for the first 
time at The Glen - especially to Joe Alexander (for inviting me there in the 
first place) and to Bob 
Lang who took on the practical aspects of actually ensuring I did get there 
from Boston.
Joe, you organised a truly great event, Bob I'm so sorry I fell asleep so soon 
after leaving the 
circuit - and stayed asleep for so long!
I greatly look forward to seeing as many of you as possible next year when the 
Charity Drive gets 
underway and I think I'd quite like to do it in the 250K :)

Cheers all, Jonmac

Originator of The Triumph Trans-America Charity Drive 2009

An event for full TRIUMPH Enthusiast participation 


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