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[Fot] Kastner Cup

Subject: [Fot] Kastner Cup
From: Kas Kastner <>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 17:27:12 -0700
In the beginning I made it quite clear that the idea was to have the cup 
available for everyone at one time or another.  First was Mosport, Northern and 
middle upper USA, second was Buttonwillow, Southern Cal and mid Cal, third was 
Atlanta Southern USA and others for the East, then to Hallet Oklahoma for the 
Mid-west contingent, then to Utah for the upper mid-west and far west, now to 
Watkins Glen for the upper Eastern, so now I think it right to go for the upper 
West Coast for those people that would like to particpate and have the 
opprotunity to join a lot of fine racers that have been awarded the cup.
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