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Re: [Fot] Supplimental oil feed to head

Subject: Re: [Fot] Supplimental oil feed to head
From: Tony Drews <>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 08:05:26 -0500
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While I didn't specifically mention the kit from Moss, I'm pretty sure
that's what's on my engine in the picture link I sent...&nbsp; Thanks for
pointing out the source, Bill!<br><br>
- Tony<br><br>
At 08:00 AM 9/18/2008, Bill Babcock wrote:<br>
<blockquote type=cite class=cite cite="">I notice no one has mentioned
that there is a oil feed kit available from Moss. It's been a standard
&quot;tuning&quot; item for many years. I've put them on all the engines
I have, I consider it an automatic requirement, even for a street engine.
Feeding from the back is probably adequate, I've never had a wear problem
and I see oil coming from all the rocker holes as soon as pressure
builds. The oil mist in the rocker box is also critical for lubricating
the valve stem and guide. You CAN have too much though. Filling the valve
cover is a possibility, as is robbing too much oil from the bottom end
either by reducing pressure or running the pan level below the oil
pickup. <br><br>
I wouldn't mess with the oil passage size, just make sure it's not
obstructed. <br><br>
On Sep 18, 2008, at 5:38 AM, Kramer, Robert wrote:<br><br>
<blockquote type=cite class=cite cite=""><font size=2 color="#000080">
Also consider the condition of the rocker bushings in line and bearing
condition in general. I donít use the oil feed line in my race car, but
we have plenty of oil pressure at full tilt.<br>
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</font><font size=2>I have very good evidence that my head is lacking
sufficient oil supply.&nbsp; The shaft on #1 rocker has gouges about
1/16Ē deep after 35,000 miles.&nbsp; Can one of you email me a picture of
where you attached a supplemental oil feed line to your head?&nbsp; Has
anyone ever tried opening up that pathetic oil passage that the
head/rocker pedestal interface has.&nbsp; Has anyone tried tapping the
end cap of the rocker shaft and connecting an oil line directly?<br>
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