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Subject: Re: [Fot] The Hamilton Case
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 06:38:24 -0400
No wager... but I'll be (very) pleasantly suprised if they overturn the 
XXXXing stewards (?) decision...

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Subject: [Fot] The Hamilton Case

Well Ladies and Gents, today is the day of the Hamilton/McLaren appeal
hearing, with the decision to be announced on Tuesday.

Time to get your bets down on the outcome.

A few hints for the sophisticated punter:

    ~ Since the initial decision and the following uproar, the F.I.A.
has issued a "clarification" of the rules, to the effect that:
"Drivers have to wait until the next corner to overtake if they go
ahead over a chicane." Does everyone remember the meaning of the Latin
term "ex post facto"?

    ~ Sir Stirling has issued a statement to the effect that the
decision to penalize Hamilton was "disgraceful" and "a load of crap",
made by "clueless" stewards who "know they are wrong".

    ~ Asked for comment on the dispute and the upcoming hearing, FIA
president Max Mosley said, "My immediate reaction was this [situation]
is going to waste a great deal of everybody's time."

    ~ And don't forget that (allegedly) the race director twice
advised McLaren by radio immediately after the incident that
Hamilton's actions were proper and sufficient.

Wagers anyone? Keep in mind that the issue is how the APPEAL will come
out -- NOT whether Hamilton's actions were proper under the rules
(since the answer to that question is intuitively obvious to even the
most casual observer  :-)

Jim Hill
Madison WI


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