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Subject: Re: [Fot] State of F1
From: "Andre Rousseau" <>
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 13:05:33 -0400
F1 is specially because of the designing, building, testing and innovation
behind the model.

Sure costs need to be brought under control, but you can't mess with the

I never liked IRL and stopped watching CART after a while.

I do think they need to address the difference between the front and back
pack runners.


2008/10/20 Joe Curry <>

> Does anyone besides me think that the things currently being proposed in an
> effort to cut costs will render F1 the same as any other spec class?  It
> sure looks like they are out to make all the cars the same.
> I like to watch F1 because it is essentially the pinnacle of technology.
>  If
> all teams are using the same engine, suspension and other arts, how can it
> possibly continue to be that way.
> Joe C.
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