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Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 22:52:33 -0000
Bill Dentinger wrote:
> The December issue of Triumph World has an article about a recently
> completed, and classy replica of the Macau Spitfire.  Replica or not, it's a 
> car and the result of a seventeen year labor of love by Bernard Robinson, the
> editor of The Courier magazine for the Triumph Sports Six Club.

Having seen Bernie Robinson's handiwork 'in the flesh' on a number of occasions 
- and having read 
Paul Richardson's recent article in TVT, I can attest to the sheer beauty of 
this car. Bernie keeps 
it at the TSSC H/Q all/most of the time for visiting enthusiasts to enjoy it.
For the record, I am now the (happy) owner of a seven seater people carrier 
with towbar. What's that 
got to do with the Macau Spitfire? Just to say that if any FOTer or enthusiast 
in North America 
plans to visit the UK in February for Triumph Spares Day, I can:

1 Collect and return you to the airport (preferably London Heathrow)
2. Put the parts you buy in my trailer behind the car
3. Take you to the TSSC H/Q to see its extensive museum - and the Macau Spitfire
4. Run you around the locality of Coventry and District for a local and 
engineering 'history lesson'
5. Arrange your accommodation while in the UK

FI? None at all but a contribution for the diesel used in the people carrier 
would be appreciated. 
The Pound/Dollar rate is improving for you as well. Two months ago GBP1.00 
equalled US$2. As of the 
news tonight, the rate is GBP1 = US$1.54 - so its getting better.

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