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Subject: [Fot] A Memoriam
From: "John Macartney" <>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 23:06:53 -0000
Dear Foters

Some you who were at Watkins Glen in early September, may have heard me 
announcing the "Triumph 
Trans- AmeriCa Charity Drive 2009" both in the library in the town and later in 
the trackside 
marquee? For those of you who didn't hear those 'info releases' because of 
distance for travel or 
the importance of consuming the booze so substantially on tap, you'll find 
details of the event so 
far at

This post is prior to anything going on the website or 
because the person 
concerned was a Foter in the true sense.

In a moment of 'whimsy' and because it would be a "first time without" I had to 
do something to 
ensure the "continuity of tradition." I've never raced Triumphs myself (though 
I drove a good few 
far too fast around the Coventry site in my youth) and my own Triumphs were 
never noted for being 
slow. The one thing all my cars have had - even when they weren't Triumphs - is 
a name. Up to a few 
weeks ago, the Stag I'll be driving on this charity marathon next year would 
have been nameless - 
but that's now changed. I've just had a reply from Tony Drews who has most 
graciously allowed me to 
call the Sapphire Blue Stag with the white hardtop being rebuilt by ISOA near 
Chicago as "uncle 

Ladies and gentlemen, from this point forwards, "uncle jack" will live on in 
the form of a Triumph. 
Moreover, a Triumph that will, I am told, do something that no-one has ever 
done before - and that's 
do an 11,000 drive across the States and Canada for charity. In so doing, I 
hope the car will 
quickly become something of an icon to the memory of one very special man who 
helped and enjoyed 
being with so many Triumph enthusiasts. Also from this point forwards please, 
the car in question 
will no longer be referred to as The Stag or the TTACD Car. Let us call it 
'uncle jack' when talking 
about it, because all FoTers will immediately know the term is either the 
remarkable person himself, 
or the car that lives on his memory - and will continue to do so long after the 
event is over and 
probably forgotten as well.

So, 'uncle jack' will be commemmorated by a decal on the bonnet hinge panel and 
he'll get off on his 
11,000 mile charity drive from Daytona (late June/early July 2009) to San Luis 
Obispo (where he HAS 
to arrive in time for the combined VTR NATC and Triumphest event at the end of 
September. If the 
route passes near your home, please join 'uncle jack' and if there's space, 
ride in him as well.

Thank you Tony, thank you Frances. uncle jack (and I as his driver) will do our 
very best to 
continue success with Triumphs

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