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Subject: Re: [Fot] break-in oil
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Date: Sat, 6 Jun 2009 15:24:23 +0100
Are Comma oils sold in the US?
Comma Classic 20W/50 is the same spec as in the late 60's/70's but with certain 
useful enhancers of 
modern technology oils - but also with generous dollops of ZDDP as well.


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>I think that there is a ton of information out there now which is out of date. 
>VR1 20w50 off the 
>shelf at Auto Zone has ZDDP again and has for a while, but if we search the 
>Internet we can find 
>all sorts of tales about it not having it. We all found out too late that they 
>took it out and now 
>that it is back all we can read is that it doesn't have it. I think the same 
>may be true for 
>Castrol 20w50 and possibly others. Since cars we buy these days, the ones that 
>get hurt by ZDDP, 
>all seem to be running 5w or 10w30 the marketers realized that there was no 
>reason to sell 20w50 
>except for us guys so they are putting it back in because we were all sourcing 
>other brands. I used 
>VR1 successfully for years and now I'm back to it, with Crane Cam lube for 
>break ins. That's my 
>guess anyway.
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>> At 11:37 AM 6/5/2009, Mark Pendergrass wrote:
>>>FOTrs; Would Delo 400 15-40 be suitable for a break-in oil and would a person
>>>leave it in for a race weekend. I do have a reground cam and new lifters.
>>>Would a person still put an additional ZDDP additive.Thank You in advance.
>>>Mark Pendy #65
>> Isky **strongly** recommended Brad Penn Break-In Oil.  They said failing 
>that, Valvoline Racing 
>> Oil 20W-50 (NOT the "VR-1 Racing Oil) or Penzoil. My local NAPA store can 
>get Joe Gibbs oil, but 
>> Gibb's website says the oil should be pre-heated to 160 for full 
>effectiveness.  Yeah, I can hear 
>> it now: "Far up the grill, boys, we're gonna cook us up some oil."  I found 
>a source for the Brad 
>> Penn juice, will look for it if you need their number in VA.
>> jim
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