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Re: [Fot] Watkins Glen

Subject: Re: [Fot] Watkins Glen
From: Andre Rousseau <>
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 11:52:02 -0400
Hi Bill yes I was thinking about the run all weekend.

I wish I could have done the Glen this year, but I'm being a good
husband and sucking up to my wife for next year's vintage racing
(Got some wrenching time in on the car too.)

Some good memories from last year. I'll credit that run I had in the
re-enactment for spurring on my desire to race.

Maybe next year I'll return as a spectator or if the money tree blooms a


2009/9/14 WILLIAM TOBIN <>:
> Hi all, I did the Vintage GP at the Glen over the weekend.
> Most of the Triumph folks must have been returning from out west as there
> a shortage of TRs.
> Dick Stockton was there with his very nice black rocket. Tim Suddard also
> his car there but I don't know if he ran it; too much going on to see
> everything.
> I did the re-enactment Friday evening. The event itself had some shakey
> weather, but wasn't bad. The trip back to the track was miserable;
> rains, cold, dark and ugly. Couldn't see a thing. We had a blast!  Andre
> wasn't there so I had another felow fill in!
> Saturday was ok and Sunday was nice. Quite a crowd of spectators and some
> street Triumphs and other intereresting cars. There was an auction with
> nice machinery but I didn't attend and don't know how many sold and at what
> prices. My favorite was a '68 Charger RT, red, gorgeous. OK, it's not
> but I used to work on them. Nice car.
> My 6 ran well for a stock engine that's geting tired. I had fun. I've
> 10 seconds off my lap times with the same car and engine and am not getting
> lapped all the time! Progress and seat time. If I had 15 more HP, I would
> beaten that pesky Morgan and that darned Bathtub Porsche!
> Morgan and MG were the featured cars this year and there were many Morgans
> there, all shapes and sizes. Some seemed to be missing the 4th wheel; those
> guys have more nerve than I do!
> There's a VRG race at the Glen in early Oct that I plan on attending. It's
> fun, rather low key event. The VRG guys also put on the PVGP event and
> Nice bunch.
> Later, Bill
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