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Subject: [Fot] FW: TWS Weekend
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Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 23:22:32 -0500
Part 1 

It was good to see the Missouri crowd again, and for the record Dad, it
was Walt who got the oil line on your car, not me.  All I did is point
out the massive amounts of fluid being deposited on grid.

Did you guys fix the bug eye yet?

For the rest of the FOT crowd;

I showed up on Friday morning to help Dad get going for the driver's
school and to take some break in laps on the new motor.  As Dad pulled
to grid for the first time, I noticed a bit of fluid coming from the
engine bay.  I opened the hood to find water leaking out of the bottom
radiator hose and oil was leaking from one of the many fittings around
the takeoff plate (so we thought).  I talked to Dad's instructor who
said, he can miss this run but you better hustle and get him ready for
the second run or he is done.  So we pulled it back to the paddock to
look things over.  After closer inspection, one of the oil lines had a
hole.  These are the BSP fitting hoses so I had no spares with me.  We
put Dad in my 3 for the Friday sessions.  He was more than a bit
apprehensive about breaking in my new motor, his instructor told him
that if anything let go, I was to blame not him.  Bob brought a spare
BSP hose on Friday evening and we got Dad's 4 up and running for the
rest of the weekend.

On Saturday with Dad in his own car I could tell he was having more fun,
but something was still missing.  I was not sure what he needed, but he
just did not seem to be settling in.

Andrew was struggling with a bad clutch all day in the Blue TR4.  Dad
decided for Sunday, Bob Kramer should borrow his car so Andrew could get
on track with Bob's Red TR4a.  This was a great idea all around.  I
decided I would run Group 7 with the Kramers if I got my head gasket
fixed Saturday night.


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