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Re: [Fot] Subject: Triumph Parts Needed In Hawaii,

Subject: Re: [Fot] Subject: Triumph Parts Needed In Hawaii,
From: robert smith <>
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2012 17:33:53 -1000
Hey, Hardy! Thanks for the testimonial. Thanks to all, I got my
distributor and starter motor. For anyone interested in the Spitfire
Race Car, here's the history of the car:
I tracked down Bob Coan and talked to him about the spitfire for a
bit.  He purchased the car from a gentleman out of Florida who owned
Fuel Safe, They make fuel cells, as you know.  He said the guy put
$25K into the car.  He said it was a well built car, but it had no
connection to his dad (Jim Coan) or Kas.  I was really hoping it had
some period racing history, I still think it is a bargain at $5000.

On 2/9/12, <> wrote:
> FOT,
> Robert is a fine fellow.  At Watkins I mentioned that Ellie and I
> sometimes take an anniversary cruise to Hawaii, and he said to let just him
> know.
> Two years later he picked us up and took us to see his private  collection,
> including TS1 LO and the racing Spitfire, and returned us to the  ship on
> time.  He was having a very busy day, but he is a great host and  Triumph
> person.
> Hardy
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> Date:  Tue, 7 Feb 2012 15:42:19 -1000
> From: robert smith  <>
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> Subject: [Fot] Triumph Parts Needed In Hawaii,  And Spitfire Race Car
> For Sale
> Aloha Joe, Kas, and  all. Hope you guys remember me and TS1 LO at Watkins
> Glen in 2008. I have a  1957 TR3 smallmouth that needs a complete
> distributor. I had to pirate the  distributor in order to sell a Morgan. I
> also need a starter for a Tr3A.  Anybody had luck with the " Hi Torque"
> starters starters sold in  California? I also have an ex-Bobby Cohn 1967
> Spitfire race car for sale.  Will ship on a car trailer with lots of spares,
> including a new, extra set  of Panasports and new race tires. Smith1127 @
>, or 808-342-1036  Daylight Hours HST. Robert


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