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Subject: Re: [Fot] Alloy Race Wheels Spitfire
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Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 22:20:11 -0500
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About two years ago when I needed wheels for my HP Spitfire I got some 
Panasports through Spruell Motorsports ( --  

Don't worry that their website at the moment doesn't show any 13" wheels 
under Triumph. Call 'em up, tell 'em what you need. They'll order direct 
from Panasport. I was in a big hurry, so they put me in contact with the 
Panasport guy and I ordered them direct from him, but he only sells through 
dealers so I did the sale through Spruell.

In my case -- because I was in a rush -- the Panasport guy had wheels on the 
shelf with 4" backspace, so I bought them and he drilled them for the 
Spitfire bolt circle and my stud size. Then I had a local machine shop make 
me spacers. And they use regular lugnuts.

If you have the time, you can get them with the right backspacing and setup. 
Spruell and Panasport both worked to take care of me with the speed I needed 
at the time. It was much appreciated.

--Rocky Entriken

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Subject: [Fot] Alloy Race Wheels Spitfire

> List,
> I'm looking for a set of 13 x 6 inch alloy race wheels for my Spitfire
> (4" x 3.75" (95.25mm).  I need two with zero offset and two with -
> 0.75 inch offset.
> So far the only 13 x  6 inch wheels I've found are made by Revolution
> in the UK which means lots of shipping costs, etc..
> Does anyone know of a US source? I called about some VTO wheels at the
> Acme Speed Shop in South Carolina and haven't heard back from them but
> they only list 5.5 inch and not any 6 inch in 13 inch diameter wheels
> on their website so I'm not sure about availability.
> Thanks
> Bud Rolofson
> Extreme Parts Racing (more than just a haircut)
> 71 Spitfire MK IV Race Car #3
> 71TR6 CC57365 (Good 6)
> 93 Minnie Winnie Race Support Vehicle
> 77 Z-50A Hardly Davidson Honda Mini-Trail Bike (Triumph Pit Bike)
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