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[Fot] Steering wheel lock

To: Friends of Triumph <>
Subject: [Fot] Steering wheel lock
From: Don Marshall <>
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2013 13:20:29 -0400
I have a Stag/Buick that I want to sell to help fund the racing budget, but
the steering wheel lock is engaged and won't release, even when I turn the
key on and off multiple times.  Short of knocking out the lock mechanism,
does anyone know any tricks to get it free.  I have the key and it turns
freely, but nothing releases.  I don't have a battery in the car but I
can't imagine electricity is required for the lock mechanism.  I'm guessing
the lock is the same on all the TRs so hopefully someone has experienced
this and fixed it. Any ideas?  Thanks, Don


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