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[Fot] re [TR] 10 spline diameters

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Subject: [Fot] re [TR] 10 spline diameters
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Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2014 09:37:57 +1000
i have a close ratio 'dolomite sprint" type box in my GT6 racer

you use the Dolomite sprint clutch slave bracket and arm/fork  which fits
with few mods

all the factory (leyland ST) close ratio gear sets originally used the
longer dolomite sprint input shaft with 10 x 1 spline, but over the years
various vendors have made shorter input shafts and some  with TR6 clutch
splines. The longer Dolomoite Sprint input shaft from an original close
ratio kit,  is useless

Terry O'Beirne


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