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[Fot] Let's keep the F in FOT (To Consider Before you Race)

Subject: [Fot] Let's keep the F in FOT (To Consider Before you Race)
From: don--- via Fot <>
Date: Fri, 22 May 2020 16:00:42 -0500
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Iâ??ve been reading the responses to the pros and cons of the K-Cup in this 
current Covid world we are in.

You want to go racing, I get that, so do I. But keep in mind what you are 
asking others to do so you may

go racing. Dozens of support crew from corner workers, tech inspectors and more 
will have to travel, most inside a giant
metal tube thousands feet in the air for a couple of hours that is packed with 
others of unknown health status.

Then they land and get to ride in a rental car with two or three others to a 
hotel where they will share a confined space for eight hours or so sucking in 
the snores of the other occupant.

rinse, lather and repeat and head back home.

I get that no one is forcing them to go and that each person must make this 
choice for themselves.

I donâ??t know about the "sky is falling" but casket sales are certainly up 
this past quarter. Whether or not you think you will get Covid, or youâ??re not 
in the high risk group or whatever, 
we have lost 94,500 souls in the last few months. 

If you think the numbers are misrepresented then go ahead and chop that number 
in halfâ?¦ 47, 000 people, in three or four months.

It is a real concern and YES, people do die everyday but this is about it being 
CONTAGIOUS. I.E. You making the choice for others. Being hit by lightning is 
not contagious. 

Keep the F in FOT,




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