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Re: Speaking of Trafficators

To: Mark and Kathy <mgtrcars@galaxyinternet.net>
Subject: Re: Speaking of Trafficators
From: Bob Haskell <rchaskell@earthlink.net>
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 06:38:58 -0500
Mark and Kathy wrote:
> Question for the more seasoned on this list.    My new trafficator cancels
> differently turning it left than it does when I turn it right.   Mind you this
> unit is still on my bench and not in the car yet.
> Should the turn signal cancel on the INITIAL turn of the wheel or on the
> RETURN to home position.       How does one correct this snafu.    Guess I
> should have tested this right when I bought it.
> So much for quality control,    Mark


It ought to cancel when you return the wheel back to center.  It sounds like 
of the pawls isn't installed correctly.

Here's a low quality ascii picture of the pawls.  The lower piece should have a 
tapered side to the inside. The housing that the pawls are installed in should 
have a gap on the non-tapered side of the pawls.  As you start the turn and 
the wheel, the canceler hits the tapered end of the pawl.  The pawl should 
allowing the canceler to pass.  When you straighten the wheel the canceler hits 
the pawl again. As the pawl can't pivot, it forces the pawl up which forces the 
switch to recenter.

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Someone put together a web page with photos showing how he rebuild a 
- within the last year.  You might search the archives.


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