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To: "Lou G" <lgalper1@cox.net>
Subject: Re: [Healeys] Fwd: Fwd: Gooding & Co auction - Pebble Beach
From: "Curt/Nancy Arndt" <cnaarndt@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 23:55:11 -0700

Nancy and I were in Monterey for the whole week.  We went to The Christie's
auction on Thursday, where there were 4 Healeys sold, 2 BJ8's, a BN2 and a
'55 BN1 built to LeMans specs.  The BN2 went for 70K before commission and
the LeMans BN1 went for 50K.  The BN1 was I believe and original LeMans
conversion done in  England.  I talked to Roger Moment while at the auction,
who did a lot of the restoration on this car in 1992, and even though we
don't have documentation Roger believes that all of the M bits are
original.  He said that it had high compression pistons and the correct
camshaft and the cold air box was original .  I personally confirmed that
the carbs were original since they were stamped 6040 X.  The car was Black
over white with the scarlet red (Persimmon) interior which was done by Peter
Silvans of the AH Concours Committee.  I consider 50K a fair price for this
car.  The Red BN2 was way over priced at 70K and was just a well done driver
that might have won a popularity award at one of our mets, but nothing

There were 2 Healeys at the RM auction on Friday and Saturday both restored
by good friend Tom Rocke here in So Cal.  The prices were high for club cars
but well in line for these auctions.

The 100 at the Gooding auction on Sunday was I believe a just and average
LeMans conversion but it had a lot of "Eye ball".  I had a chance to look at
the car on Saturday before that sale and I was not overly impressed.  We
left before theis car went across the block but I will say the Gooding
auction was the best one of the week, with the exception of of the Steve
McQueen '63 Ferrari 250/ GT/L Luso Berlinetta that went for 2 million on
Thursday at Christies.  800K over the top estimate!

I have been going to these auctions for many years now and one thing I've
learned is that if a person with means likes the car they will buy it no
matter what the cost.  Just look at the Healey prices over the past few
years at auction.  In my opinion the home run of the entire week was the Red
Nash Healey convertible at RM, which I believe went for 210K.  A truly
stunning and well restored car.


Curt Arndt, Chairman - Austin Healey Concours Committee
Carlsbad, CA
'55 BN1, '60 AN5 :{), '72 RWA Midget

On 8/24/07, Lou G <lgalper1@cox.net> wrote:
> Did anyone see the BN2 sold at the auction on Sunday?
> We are either blissfully ignorant of the value of the Austin Healey, or
> there's too much money chasing shiny cars.
> The BN2 uprated to M specs, had Moss fog lights, a straight rear bumper,
> chrome spokes, similiar to what we all see
> at local British car events nationwide.
> Based on the sales price of $73,000,  it's time to raise insurance
> coverages...!
> Lou
> BN1
> 59 Bugeye
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