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[Healeys] mystery motor

Subject: [Healeys] mystery motor
From: gbrierton at hotmail.com (gary brierton)
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 16:46:51 -0500
I received this and donbt know an answer.  If you would, please, respond
directly to Derek at derekfatura at netscape.net


Hi, my dad just bought a 58 austin healey 100-6 bn4 to restore and it came
with an extra motor.  We'd like to find it a good home.  He knows it isn't a
100-6 motor, it has 3 carbs, but do you know how we can find the year and make
it is for?  The # is 26D/R/H53569.  Thanks!!!!!!!


Oops!!!!!  My dad just came in from the shop and said 2 carbs at a 45.  So
maybe a 100-6 but the later engine?  Any ideas I would appreciate it or if you
know someone who might know.  Thanks!!!!!


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