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Electronic fuel injection

To: <>
Subject: Electronic fuel injection
From: "Keith Turk" <>
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 1999 23:03:22 -0800
John I agree there is about seven percent increase to be had... but when I
started investigating it everyone was so proud of the drivablity I.E. the
range of adjustment over the RPM range... and didn't talk about wide open
throttle... I kinda figured if it was so great wide open tons of Bracket
Racers would be running it...

Then I talked with the Main Mechanic here in town... who is a geek on
aftermarket computer controls.. and actually aided accel in setting up one
of theirs.... and he was saying that the total time required to set it up
and the testing alone.... would make it Really tough to run... Then I read
the story on the  Firebird Auto Custom Carpet ran on the power tour last
year and that sealed it for now.... to much hassle in my life to run a
complicated set the early going.. I think on the end of the day..
it is in fact the way to go... I just don't know the feasibility for me at
this level.

I hope I sounded enthused for you... I want you to test this out... so I
can run one too... I agree with the basics of the concept and only a fool
would deny the actual controllability.. on the end of the day... I will
sort out the suspension systems... and the Pyrometer... you sort out the
fuel injection.... and the tach... I still haven't found one that I could
play back on cassette tape... tons of playbacks out there... but no
cassette tape ones... what I like about that thing is that I could keep
several tapes to run my passes when I got back....

Keith Turk 
Austin Healey 100  /  Bugeye / Box Sprite / Bonneville Land Speed Racer
Camaro ( D Gas Altered )

> From: Keith Turk <>
> To: Chuck Rothfuss <>;
> Subject: Re: Photos for BRN and websites
> Date: Tuesday, February 16, 1999 9:33 PM
> I did something I never do.. I went through the Instructions letter by
> letter today to include all the software.. I made it do everything they
> showed me in the Manual.. 
> I spent a couple of years trying to decide if a Camera of this quality
> necessary.. but it turns out to be the Real deal Vs a Kinda Digital...
> takes super quality pic's and then you can format them and do what
> I talked to Joe Timnony tonight about the suspension woes... and he is
> me.. I need a Ladder Bar set up in the long run.... oh well.. Guess I am
> just going to have to do that.... before Bville.... 
> talk at you later.. 
> Keith Turk 
> Austin Healey 100  /  Bugeye / Box Sprite / Bonneville Land Speed Racer
> Camaro ( D Gas Altered )
> ----------
> > From: Chuck Rothfuss <>
> > To: Keith Turk <>;
> > Subject: Re: Photos for BRN and websites
> > Date: Tuesday, February 16, 1999 7:18 PM
> > 
> > Keith,
> > 
> >   I had an opportunuty to play with one of those digital cameras last
> > summer, and the potential for getting instand on-line pictures is
> exciting.
> > Access to the full color pictures on the list, if you wanted to make
> > accessable would certainly interest me.  I'm sure Mark may tell us that
> the
> > download time is too long and ask us to post the stuff on a website,
> at
> > least we can get the pictures out to people.  I'm sure Dave Mann could
> spare
> > us somemore space in his Roadsters website.
> > 
> >   The instant images available from digital cameras can be great fun. 
> > started sending them to a friends kids who were away in college.  We
> > pictures of their cars (an MGB and Corvair), us repairing and washing
> their
> > cars, all of us driving their cars, and finally, their cars parked by
> > curb with FOR SALE signs on them.   
> > 
> >   In other LSR news, I got one step closer to having all the pieces to
> build
> > the new peripherial port engine today.  I decided that I may never find
> that
> > extra eccentric shaft that I had put away, (It must be somewhere really
> > safe!) so I ordered a new one. When I called Racing Beat to ask about
> > pricing, and mentioned that I was a land speed racer the guy
> > asked if I was going after any of THEIR records.  Not with my budget!! 
> > have managed some factory backing from Mazda, so that helps.  Helping a
> > friend assemble his 13B autocross engine today I also came across a few
> more
> > new  pieces in his spares box, so I'm getting closer.  Still lots of
> machine
> > work to send out.  Are there any other rotary engine builders/racers
> > there on the list, or am I the only guy building these little monsters?
> > 
> > Chuck Rothfuss
> > USS Wankel, '71 Datsun RX510
> > ECTA 
> > 
> > At 02:16 PM 2/16/99 -0600, Keith Turk wrote:
> > 
> > >Hey John.. I just got a new Digital Camera for the business .... You
> reckon
> > >we could put the photos together for Wendy with it?
> > >
> > >Might make an interesting way to transfer info to Bonneville Racing
> > >along with this medium we could substantially decrease the time of the
> > >Mail...
> > >
> > >The beauty of Print media is that time isn't of the essence... but it
> might
> > >be a Help... and we can evaluate the photos on site like you would a
> > >Polaroid...
> > >
> > >Just a thought..
> > >
> > >Keith Turk BN2, AN5, AN9, Bonneville Camero LSR
> > >
> > 

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