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Spridgets in Motorsports

To: Fine Fast MGs <>
Subject: Spridgets in Motorsports
From: Agustin de la Calle <>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 1995 09:51:20 -0400 (EDT)
Dear MG lovers (and MG addicts),

I just wanted to point out that interesting article about 
the Spridgets in the Grassroots Motorsports. It 
first describes some common aspects about the Sprites 
and Midgets in racing and why these little cars 
are so interesting racers. Later they give good 
suggestions about adequate tuning and 
preparation of the engines and how to improve 
the handling. The guys from "Motorhead" state 
their opinion about some interesting topics. E.g. 
they say that it is a good effective and inexpensive 
method to increase the air flow by replacing the 
rockers by hi lift ones without necessarily having 
to replace the cam shaft. 
I find it interesting. More important is the 
statement that first one should have a good 
running car before starting any power increasing 
modifications because that would only multiply the 
problems. Do not start with this if the sum of the
compression is less than the days in a year.
So I go back to my sick engine and bring it back 
to good conditions.


Agustin de la Calle               '71 MG Midget (red)
Boston, MA    


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