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Re: MGB Clutch Pedal Hydraulics

Subject: Re: MGB Clutch Pedal Hydraulics
From: (Allen Bachelder)
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 1995 10:05:17 -0400
...Castrol GT LMA  is indeed compatable with Castrol Girling...
I strongly recommend AGAINST silicon fluid. The biggest problem is that
the systems in our LBCs are designed to have some amount of seal swelling,
nicely provided by the interaction of the brake fluid with the rubber parts.
The silicon fluid provides none of this , so with a little wear on parts,
systems will start to have pressure leaks.... The other problem is getting
all of the old fluid out of the system...

OK - on my '73 BG I have rebuilt calipers, replaced rear cylinders, blown
out the lines, & obtained a rebuilt M/C. I am about to rebuild clutch M/C
and S/C, and replace all hoses... (Engine/trans are currently out of the
car.) I do not have any old fluid in either system.  I had so looked
forward to trying silicon - but it's not all together yet - there is still
time to capitulate.  ' Would like to hear some more persuasive arguments
for/against the above point-of-view before I go to the altar with Dot Five.

What say those of you who've tried it?


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