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Re: MGB Clutch Pedal Hydraulics

To: Allen Bachelder <>
Subject: Re: MGB Clutch Pedal Hydraulics
From: Joanne Hershfield / Jim Fink <>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 1995 22:49:26 -0400 (EDT)
well, on my '71 MGB, brakes fully re-done with all new compnents 18 months 
clutch just got new seals all around, original lines in both, still ok, 
cleaned out and dried....

Running on Silicone Dot-5

All is well so far, under hood is repainted and I have spilled some 
fluid, so the no peel paint w/ silicone is a big plus, this is a show car 
restoration type car...

brakes work great, no fade, good feel. clutch holding fine. I do notice 
some black kind-of powdery fine crud building up in the reservoir, but I 
also notice 
that same "dirt" in my '85 volvo who got a new MC 3 years ago and runs on 
dot-4.. Probably line dust shake down !!  ??...


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