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Re: '73 MGB, Running too fast on all 4 !!

Subject: Re: '73 MGB, Running too fast on all 4 !!
From: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 28 Apr 1995 09:05:29 -0500
In <>, Jon N Swanson wrote:
>So, time for an update.  I'm finally running on all four cylinders!


>Now, it appears that my 'B' is too excited about running. It starts
>beautifully, but refuses to idle below 2700 - 3000 RPM! 
>Any suggestions?  Can worn throttle shafts (mine are) cause this much
>of an idle problem?

The usual cause of fast running is that throttle plates that have
spring-loaded poppet valves get weak springs.  If your throttle plates
have a spring thingy on them, tighten it down or JBWeld it shut.  Yes,
I know that these were found on HIF carbs, but given the mixed
heritage of your beast who can tell?  Throttle shaft leakage is a
possibility, but Hoooo-Haaaah, that's a lot of leakage.

        The engine running
        Without cause, spiritedly
        You need new SU's.

>I can't really check the timing per the specs, but
>it measures about 30 degrees advanced at 3000rpm - am I close?

Yup, there is a lot of advance fairly early on.

>Is there some sort of FAQ for various areas of an MG?  I'd love to see
>any pointers about floors, brakes, suspension, etc.

Your primary reference should be either the Haynes or Bentley shop
manual.  The "How to Buy and Restore" book is not very useful in its
second edition.
>BTW, how worn is too worn for kingpins?  It seems that they are quite
>$$$ intensive to repair, and it's something I wouldn't mind putting off
>if I possibly can....

Jack up the front of the car (remember to put the stands under).
Remove the wheels.  If there is any lateral shake or vertical slop in
the swivel axle (do not confuse with wheel bearing slop) then your
kingpins need work.  It is not that expensive, you can get a full
repair set (both sides) for about $110, but be reminded you will need
some source for a kingpin bushing reamer.  It will help your steering
and save your tires.
                                A. B. Bonds

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