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Re: front end mgb

Subject: Re: front end mgb
From: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 23 May 1995 10:14:04 -0500
In <>, wrote:
>greetings, previously i wrote about a distinct CLUNK of a noise my 72B makes
>when coming to a stop.  a friend and bugeye owner mentioned that it might be
>the wire wheels/hubs that could have some play in them which would ause said
>CLUNK.  I jacked up the front end and had someone apply the brakes while i
>tried to turn the front wheels. sure enough there is enough play in the front
>hubs that causes the CLUNK.  is there a question here???  yes there is.  what
>do i do now??? what are my options.

Your splines are worn.  This comes from (a) inadequate lubrication of
the splines and (b) not having the hubs knocked on tight enough.
Chances are both the wheel and hub splines are worn.  If you ever
wondered why so many people sell wire wheels, this is why.  They wear
out (if improperly handled).  I would urge that you check all of your
wheels.  If you run a finger along the inner surface of the splines (a
dirty job) and feel a distinct shift in texture about 2/3 of the way
in, then you should replace the wheels.  They run about $130 each.  Of
more concern is the hubs.  Clean the goo off the splines and look
carefully at the spline profile.  If it is at all asymmetric, or if
the tops of the spines are sharp and not slightly rounded, then they
need replacement as well.  (The sharpness is due to erosion of the
spline from one side.)  Hubs cost about $150 each new, but can still
be found in junkyards for more like $50.  Check Hemmings for such
dealers, but be sure that you have return privileges if you are not
satisfied with the degree of wear.

You can buy a little time by whanging your knockoff caps on very
tightly, but once worn, the splines go quickly.
                A. B. Bonds

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