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Re: front end mgb

Subject: Re: front end mgb
From: (Allen Bachelder)
Date: Tue, 23 May 1995 11:45:12 -0400
Eric Storey writes:

...My question is, can you put a Mark I facia on a Mark II or later car?  Does
anyone sell a compete Mark I facia?

Eric -
I don't believe the facias are interchangeable as the sheet metal on the
cowl (or is it the scuttle?) extends further aft of the windscreen on Mark
I cars - forming a deeper "shelf" between the windscreen and the facia,
than on the Mark II cars.  I may even have this reversed, but I recall that
there is a difference - making the facia exchange much more than a bolt-on
job.  I do believe all the padded facias are interchangeable and I find the
72-76 style as well as the 77-80 style  preferable to the 68-71 "pillow"
facias with no glove box and no console.  Of course if you switch, you also
get into some issues regarding the correct speedo...

Allen Bachelder

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