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Re: your romance ad in USSR

Subject: Re: your romance ad in USSR
From: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 06 Jul 1995 10:15:43 -0500
I know, everyone in the world wishes to KILL, but this sort of nonsense is
outrageous in the extreme, so I must vent.  If "David" is reading
this, here is a message to you: This is a mail group, not a NEWS group.
By this approach we had hoped to keep useless scum-sucking SPAM out of
our hair.  You are not merely unwelcome, you have violated us. 

>     I am posting anonymously because of the inordinate amount of e-mail which
> I would receive -- inquiries as well as flames.

Inquiries, my ass.  You are an arrant coward hiding behind the shield
of anonymity.  You are running a scam and are unable to defend that

>David and Olga
>     Although Olga has never seen a newsgroup nor heard of "net-etiquette," 
>she believes that helping others exceeds the cost of angering those who feel 
>the net should not be used in this fashion.
>     IHA (I humbly ask) that you not flame the postmaster of this site.
>peace. . .

Yeah, more like David and Boris (Badenov).  I may be an Anglophile,
but I know a lot of guys whose last names end in "o" who like to do
knee surgery with instruments of their own design.  Come out from
behind your rock.

And I'll bet you drive a Chevrolet.
                                        A. B. Bonds

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