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Re: your romance ad in USSR j T A aOo U+ (Unverified)

To: Phillip Buttolph <>
Subject: Re: your romance ad in USSR j T A aOo U+ (Unverified)
From: Jay Nemeth-Johannes <>
Date: Thu, 06 Jul 95 09:28:18 -0600
>Can't we keep this type of garbage off the lists???? If the server knows 
>the address of this person, they should be dropped from list.

Nope.  Typical spam, where the sender used a bogus address and sent it
to many mailing lists.  The sender doesn't belong to the lists.

The only possibility I see on this is to make the lists private.  You
would need to be a member of the list to post to it.  I believe
majordomo can do this.  The downside is that I could no longer post to
triumphs, as I only belong to mgs and british-cars.

The poster doesn't give a rat, and will never read our flames. Please
don't bother, especially on this list.
    Jay Nemeth-Johannes                       87 Merkur XR4ti
    Hewlett-Packard                           95 & 83 VW GTI
    Measurement Systems Division              71 Saab Sonett
    Loveland, Colorado                        58 MG ZB Magnette

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