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Re: Transmissions

Subject: Re: Transmissions
From: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 26 Jul 1995 10:09:56 -0500
In <v01530501ac3bdc5a4ffe@[]>, Allan R. Hovis wrote:
>Another question. I have a problem with my 4-syncro tranny with no third
>gear synchronization. I read in one of the articles on fluids about the use
>of automatic transmission fluid to clean and free "sticky" syncros. Has
>anyone ever done this? Not sure it would do any good but sure beats the
>alternative. Speaking of, how difficult is it to replace the syncro?
The job of a synchro is to stick, to a cone-shaped surface on the gear
driven by the mainshaft.  Unsticking is not indicated.  Your problem
is that either your synchro surface ("teeth" or striations) is worn,
which results in bad sticking, or the driven ears are worn.  The
latter is usually the case.

I believe that your chances of curing the problem with some majicke
elixir are naught point naught over infinity.  You might check to make
sure that the tranny is equipped with the right fluid (plain old motor
oil, 30W or multigrade).  If some pinhead has put gear lube (90W) in
it, the synchros will not work (too viscous) and you will lose all of
your bearings to boot due to poor flow and bad lubrication. (Been
there, done that, got the T-shirt).

Replacement of the synchro is relatively easy.  It's the getting to it
that is hard, involving removal of drivetrain and disassembly of
tranny.  Nothing tricky, it's all in the book, just takes a while.
Parts cost for a total tranny rebuild, assuming gears are in good
shape, is about $300.
                        Good luck!      A. B. Bonds

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