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Re: Transmissions

Subject: Re: Transmissions
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 1995 13:18:30 +0500
>Tell you what, Graham, you run 90 weight in your tranny for a year and
>tell us what happens.  That should resolve the dispute.

I'm aware of the differences of opinion on the net regarding this (how could 
I not?).  Well recognized lbc specialists such as John Twist insist upon 
avoiding 80/90W.  Some experienced owners, such as A.B., do too.  At the 
same time, I can point to other experienced lbc specialists and owners who 
say the opposite.  Experts aside, annecdotal evidence is not the strongest.  
I wonder if for every destroyed tranny attributed to the use of 80/90W, 
someone couldn't find a strong runner of tens of thousands of miles 
attributed to 80/90W.  The evidence to convict would seem inconclusive.

What I can add to the discussion is (sadly, more anecdotal evidence): I have 
talked to a few local lbc mechanics regarding the issue of 80/90W gear lube 
vrs. 30W engine oil in the tranny (I've talked to Twist, too).  Both of the 
mechanics I've spoken to on this issue have ample (20+ yrs) experience with 
lbcs and trannys and both use 80/90W oil in their own cars as well as 
customer cars (i.e. cars they put their labor guarantee on).  Moreover: both 
have *over* 70,000 miles on their own lbc trannys using 80/90W oil (one an 
MGB box, the other a Triumph).  They don't object to using 30W, they just 
happen to use the 80/90W.

On that recommendation I put it in my '63 B (these guys have never steered 
me wrong.  Who knows, this might be the first time).  Granted, its only been 
a year (sic) for my car, but I have NO problems with bearing noise, slowness 
of shifting, loss of synchro function or any other problem.  I also use 
80/90W in the diff.  

Will Zehring

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