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Re: MG Holiday Sweep Stake!

To: ("Robert Hollingsworth")
Subject: Re: MG Holiday Sweep Stake!
From: (Neil Venn)
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 95 12:25:09 BST
RoB wrote:
> I'm about to set off on a weeks holiday around the west coast of 
> Scotland this weekend. (Yes I have seen the rainy forecast! Typical.)
> Knowing how amazingly reliable MG's usually are in such 
> situations, how's about having a sweep stake on the number of times I 
> have to get under the bonnet? This includes oil top-ups, so I suppose 
> we could also have a sweep stake to guess the amount of oil used. 
> Should be around 800 miles - me thinks.
> This leads me onto another question.
> What is the highest mileage that any of you have done in your MG 
> without having to attend to the slightest thing? Should be 
> interesting as a guage of MG reliability.
Alan and Dave Brooke can be a witness to this. For the past three years
a bunch of St ALbans MG Owners club members have joined the Roadrunner
Club London to Edinburgh Trial which is held at the end of January (Brrr)

We had approx 5 cars the first year, 10 the second and 5 (? i didn't go)
the third. I ran out of petrol both times I attended ( my guage is crap
.. ok and I'm a bit of a twit ), my girlfriends 1500 midget had carb 
problems (but made it all the way), another car lost a wheel on the way
home (this was a MGBGT which cost 500 pounds plus MOT!). I think those 
were the only problems we encountered.

WHich adds up to about 20,000 miles (20 cars * 1000 miles each, round trip)
with two breakdowns - not bad, eh?

I reckon you'll do the whole trip with no problems (except you oil) - as
long as you drive the car properly. If it rains really, really hard you'll
probably get a puncture or your exhaust will fall off - something to make
you crawl around on the wet road.

BTW: properly in Scotland means roof down, with lots of clothes on and you
HAVE to pick the good roads - but that's easy just steer clear of the few

Good luck and have fun.
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